Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweet Gift!

Sweet Gift!!

One of my sweet art student's gave this to me today!
It says...
"The best teacher is the one who suggests 
rather than dogmatizes,
and inspires her listener with the wish to teach herself"

Gotta get this one hung for sure!!!!

Once again-My student's are the BEST!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hop on a Bunny Ride!

Hi there!
While looking through some photos tonight I
ran across this one!

Its my niece in front of the painting I did of her!

Look at that cute little "Pippy Longstockings face!

Hard to believe that my little Rachie is now 
in her twenties
and has a darling little son!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let me try this again!

Well Hello There!!!
After having major issues with technology...I am back!

Thank you for your patience and concern while I was

During this most recent technical hiatus ..
(Yes- that nasty fog that attacks computers & then slowly vaporizes leaving me
shaken and asking perfect strangers..."is it really fixed now?"
I did some thinking.

Should I continue to blog?

The funny thing is at this same time some other bloggers were asking this same question!!!

My answer is yes! If only for my own satisfaction!

So, Happy Tuesday May the 22nd!
Only 6 more days of classes!!

Please note...
While I will miss my students -I will enjoy
Sleeping in
Painting all night long
Watching movies (I adore movies)
Bike riding
Hitting the beaches & lakes
visiting with my family!


OH! One picture before I sign off for today

I had a Birthday a couple of weeks ago!

       Thank goodness I had a little helper on stand by
              just incase I needed some help blowing
                       out all those candles!!

Night Y'all!