Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Down East…Still life

Hello my friends!!
Today we are working on a still life.
I have a yellow slicker, well worn
leather gloves and old lantern.

Wish I had some rope netting and an old lobster trap but ...I will have to do without that.

Here are some views and filters I am playing with…

The old gloves have so much character!

I love to go in and crop a small portion to work on.

As soon as I can I will show you some of the students and my drawings of this still life!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Today the winter winds are really blowing!

Brrr … But the temperatures are a bit warmer than yesterday!
Yesterday the windchill was about 20 BELOW ZERO!!
In fact school was cancelled- No one want the students out in that kind of weather.
This is the view from the gallery.
Its very snowy but seems to be a very dry and powdery snow.

This photo makes me feel chilled!
Cold grey/blue stone and snow beginning to stick.

No, I'm not a skier anymore so- I don't really have an appreciation of fresh falling snow.

However it was a great morning to have an early coffee with my co workers.
Kim brought in a mouth watering chocolate and cranberry/raisin loaf.
No matter how cold it gets I still enjoy my iced coffee

Have a great day and keep warm!!