Friday, June 19, 2015

Ahh Summertime!

Hi my friends!
Yes... it is summertime and I'm enjoying every minute of it!!

One of the first hi-lights of my summer was a little garden Birthday Party for a good friend of mine!
Here is a picture I took of my 3 friends in my back yard

I enjoyed there pretty pinks and green paperware that picked up the colors of the flowers in my gardens.
It was the perfect afternoon!

The gift our birthday girl is opening was a hypertufa 
creation that looks like stone. We filled it with wax and made a patio candle.   Dee and I made several hypertufa planters and candles but, I doubt if its something I will do again.

One other fun and beautiful thing I have been enjoying is the local Botanical Gardens at Tower Hill!

Just a stroll around the grounds and you will find yourself feeling calm and the sights are an artists inspiration!

Here for example is one path I enjoy.

Along many of the paths there are sculptures and urns like this one…

I plan on drawing this urn in pen and ink.

many of the wildflowers were in bloom this past week.

This iris is among my favorite flowers I plan to paint!

This is the view as you are leaving
I can't wait to return again soon!

When I am at Tower Hill among the lovely blooms and urns I feel I could be anywhere in the world! 

I will post some more pictures I took while I was there,
so stay tuned1

Have a lovely day all!