Friday, October 26, 2012

More Soft Necklaces.

Hello and Happy Friday!

I have been pretty busy filling orders for the soft necklaces!
Can I tell you just how tickled I am that
everyone seems to be falling in love with them!
The pins that are custom made for each scarf have been in great demand also!
For instance over at Assumption College
 the mascot is a grey hound.
The school colors are blue and white...
Here is one order that I filled.
This is the way it looked in the box .

And when it is worn it will look like this

I also had an order for a soft necklace in autumn colors.
The commission was to design a dragonfly pin for it.
It came out so cute!

Now, I know I took some photos of it but at the moment I can't seem to locate them yet.  (It's not always so good to have several cameras)

Here is another pink one 
I sold this week.

I made and a sweet little pin for it.

I am having a blast making these!

Have a Super Weekend!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Necklace Scarf

Good morning my friends!
Its a sunny and really chilly morning here in the northeast!
last night there was an earthquake in maine and a lot of people felt
it all the way down here in the Worcester MA area.
No not me... I am oblivious to some things I guess :O)

I have been working on my necklace scarves.
Here is another Halloween one.
This time with two spider's on a pin.

I made another Necklace scarf in autumnal colors.

Then since we set our clocks back in autumn...
I made a pin with a clock. It also has a bit of bling in the 
Fleur de lis, crown and other little charms.

Next Tuesday my school is having a Pink Out!
Everyone will wear lots of pink to bring attention to
October -Breast Cancer Awareness !

So I of course had fun making my PINK
Necklace Scarf

I made a rose and pearl pin for it.

That's all for now!
Happy Wednesday ALL
(The work week is now half over!)


Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn colors

Greetings and TGIF!!!
The trees are turning mostly beautiful golds and oranges so far.
 Maybe the deep orange and fiery reds will be later on?
The autumn colors heavily influenced my little project today...
Lots of oranges, browns, golds and greens.

I am meeting again with my school art club next week. 
One of the things we may be making are pictured below.

I got this fun idea of a scarf necklace from my good friend Jaylee.
This one is for wearing at Halloween.
We art teachers try to get away with any funky,
 colorful, fun item to wear!

I used several types of yarn including a black sparkly one.
Plus some yellow ribbon and orange ribbon that says Happy Halloween!

Then I made a little happy ghost pin to pull it all together.

Thats all for now!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sky Lake Con't.

Just lovin these pumpkins! 

Here are some pictures of us having a blast on the drums!

My Sweet Cookye

And Jaylee

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ladies of the Lake Retreat

Hello My Friends!
I am back from the Lake!
What a lovely time I had there! It was an extra treat because I was able to spend time with my dear friend Jaylee and my darling daughter Cookye! ( I wish my other darling daughter Candybar  could have joined us too!)

It is a beautiful place in any season! Just look at the main lodge!!

It was a great 3 days at Sky Lake in N.Y. Although I had visited Sky Lake once several years ago,,, 
I had never stayed there nor have I ever been on a retreat.

What a joy it was to be there! 
I loved the music, the food, the choice of events we
could sign up for and the lovely people that attended and ran the retreat!

The first night there I made an apron!  What fun... although I was pretty rusty
 at cutting out patterns and using the sewing machine.  How I miss making clothes for my
kids and all kinds of related handicrafts.
On Saturday I had a "make over" with the Mary Kay consultant. (Yes, I have always LOVED
make up although you might not know it by looking at me)
Note- I said I love it ...
I didn't say I knew how to apply it! Tee hee 
Also on Saturday they had a Drum Circle!  Wow was that terrific!!!  I do realize I have 
a serious lack of rhythm ...but... that didn't stop me!! If there was such a thing here where I live I
would be there weekly!
I also make a pretty bracelet, cooked apple dumplings and took a photo class! All that
plus time for music led on the piano and guitar! Singing, scriptures, and praying!

 Even Pumpkin carving!!!

I have always been shy and more of a silent observer but it was
such a happy place I was right at home!

I have many photos to share so I will be back with more tomorrow!
Until then