Thursday, September 27, 2012

Made a cute French note board

Hello there!
I was having a fun time today making a French Memo Board for my office.
I had a 20"X 20" canvas, some pretty material,
ribbon. a staple gun and some brass brads.

What you will need to make one

A canvas on a frame, a good staple gun, some pretty fabric, ribbon and brass brads.

Carefully staple a side and pull the fabric tightly then continue to staple
and turn the canvas.   *Pull fabric, staple, turn, 
pull fabric, staple, turn and so on...

When the fabric is secure and tight you can add the ribbon.

After adding the ribbon you secure it with the brads.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

My mother loves cardinals

Hi there!
 I love to paint beautiful birds!
 Just recently my beautiful Mother celebrated
 her birthday. Because she adores cardinals...
I painted one for her card.

Kentucky Cardinal

Hm the photo seems to be missing ?
Stay tuned!

I did a poster for two friends of mine here at work.
We were all very sad to see them leave.
But, new roads and new opportunities await them!

Friday, September 14, 2012

September doings

Hi Friends!

Are you ready for the weekend?
OH YES!!!!

Earlier this summer I did a painting of two darling children.
They were at their Aunts Shower.
I took several photos of the two
 of them at play in the yard. Then I decided 
to put them both in the same scene

"Summer Garden"

The original is about...12" x 15"

All to soon September was here!!
Down the hall to my 

School is in full swing here.
(Yes...people just love to dress up o'l Skelly)

 So far I am very pleased with my classes.
(Of course I usually am)

The sign below was an idea on Pinterest
(A SPOTLESS Art room isn't always such a good thing!)

I just love the giant size paint brushes and pencils
 carved from wood!
My Art History students bought them for me!

I have had some fun digging out 
the orange and brown papers and decorations for autumn.
between my art room...bulletin boards and my home..
I can get crazy!!

I just put up some corn stalks at my house. Last night as the sun was setting it looked really interesting!

So from my home to yours
Warm happy wishes for a restful, early, autumn weekend!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 911

Hello friends!
I actually saw this on the MACYS page of facebook.
It says it all!!

Hug your children. 

Spend the day with family. 

Call an old friend. 

Plant a tree in tribute.

 Light a candle. 

Share your thoughts.

 Volunteer your time. 

Take a moment for yourself.

 Be there for someone else. 

Watch the sunset.

 Look forward to sunrise. 

Today, in your own way, 

remember and reflect. September 11, 2001.