Friday, August 31, 2012

Tie Dye Fun

Hi there!
It seems that I am seeing people everywhere
 wearing tie dyed tee shirts!

So while I was on vacation I brushed up
 on my tie dying skills again.

When I returned to the studio
 I did some more with my friend Renee.

Here we have used only one color per tee shirt
A yellow tee and a red one

When finished this is what we had! 
(of course it does need a bit of ironing)

See the V pattern

We had so much fun we jumped in with more styles and colors!

Im crazy about turquoise!

I tried for a scattered starburst
 in one of my favorite colors...


After several designs and colors we tried "negative" tie dye 
•Using Bleach on colored tees.

I love the purple so much !!

•Sorry for the photo quality!   :O_
I forgot my camera so I used my phone.

In a couple of weeks I will have art club make their own shirts!

Should be great fun!

All for now!
Mary :O)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Old Sturbridge Village

Hi there!
As you can guess by the post title
I visited Old Sturbridge Village today!
It was an absolutely BEEE-UTIFUL DAY!
The sun was shining so bright!  Last night the temperature dropped a bit
so the morning air was fresh and down right brisk in the shade!!!

I have ALWAYS been a fan of this wonderful place!
When I was in grade school back in New York I went there on
a field trip. From then on I was hooked!!

Not sure but I think I could live there!!!
Yes... Im sure I would miss my electricity... OK -Id like a bathroom in the house.
Boiling my clothes on laundry day?... sure. Hm heat in the winter and a good stove would be tough.
 Well maybe I should volunteer there and
get my fix!!!

Here are just a few of the photos I took today.

I love how the sun illuminated the surrounding tree leaves.
c/ M.Estes Zywar

As I walked along I could just
 breath in the relaxation and peace!

C/ M. Estes Zywar

c/ M. Estes Zywar

C/ M. Estes Zywar

Of course Mary has a little lamb (or two)

c/ M. Estes Zywar

That's all for now.

More photos to come so 
Please stop by again!

I wish you all a lovely evening !

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer is almost over!

Hello my Dear Friends ;0)

Yes, Summer is almost over!
And, ya know....
I can't complain because all in all I have had a busy
and totally wonderful -June, July & August!

Lots of visits with my loving family....
All of whom live between 6 to 18 hours away (driving time)

Both my Mom and Dad had monumental birthdays this summer...
Imagine...90 years old!!!!
I thank God EVERYDAY that I am so very blessed to have them!

There were 3 long visits with Cookie and her precious family!
 We sure had One VERY memorable week in June when we packed up (yes all 6 of us)
And made the trek down to visit my family in Kentucky...
Then off to see my youngest daughter, "Candybar" and her hubby " Dr. C"
 at their home in Indiana.
Just before heading back to the good ol northeast... We made it up to
Northern Indiana for a wonderful baby shower for "candybar" given by "Dr.C" s
Lovely, lovely family.

Later in June I flew back to visit my family in Kentucky before driving
To "Candybar"s for the birth of their first child!!!
Yes... How lucky are we to now have three beautiful grandchildren!

All too soon that visit had to end. Lucky for me I still had one last event on
Our summer calendar. Our annual vacation to the Finger Lakes!
We have been fortunate to be able to go with  "Cookie"s & Eugenes family for
Vacations the past 5 years!  Not only is it restful, beautiful wine country
But be able to sit on a deck with my loved ones and look out on the water and hear the sweet giggles from the children is priceless!

So yes....the summer is almost over and Autumn will soon be here
But, I am counting my blessings....and am so grateful for all that I hold dear!

Mary :0)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ask Me About My New Grandbaby!

I have finally returned back home after visiting my 
daughter and son in law
and their new addition to the family!
Thank You All For Your Wonderful Congratulations &   Cards!

Posting Winners Names...

Congratulations to 
Miss Liz at Polka Dots & Rosebuds
Miss Judith @Glatsicle Creations
& Sr. Connie @DHS
Your names were randomly drawn
from numerous entries!
Each of you will be sent a giclee of "Dorothys Dialogue"


Congratulations to
Miss LaurieSanchez @ MarlboroughPS
Your name  was drawn to win the giclee of
"The Mad Hatters Tea Party!"

OK Ladies ...I will be contacting you shortly 
for your mailing information!

Have A Wonderful Weekend Everyone!