Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back on line!!

Yipee!!!!   I am able to get on line once again!!
After returning from Kentucky the other week I was really upset with Verizon.
I couldn't get online!! It was awful!! Talk about internet withdrawal!!!
Let me tell you it was the pits!!

But... at last the wonderful and talented repairman came and fixed us right up!!!!

Now to get caught up!
First of all I have some shots of the "Hot Coffee"painting I have been working on.

That's all for now!
Please stop by my blog again really soon!
Hugs :O)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beat the heat

Hi all!
I am writing to you from the cool guest bedroom at my daughters home.
I'm very grateful she has air conditioning!
The past few weeks have been breaking records all over the US.

As I wrote before my dad passed away several weeks ago. So my sister and I and our husbands have been in Louisville going through the house and contents. A very bittersweet time going down memory lane.