Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Faux Hobonichi Journal

Hello my friends!!

As I wrote before this is my Faux Hobonichi Journal
I made from a Composition notebook

Here are some pages from my journal
As you can see I am drawing the events of the day and adding a bit of text…

This page (on right)was back from August 12.
It was my Dads Birthday (He would have been 92)
I had bought a lottery ticket (not a winning one)
It was the day when the sad news of Robin Williams suicide came out.
Oh and I had a run in with a huge wasp in my bedroom .
And, we had fish for supper...

You may wonder how I ever heard of the Hobonichi Journal?
I must give credit to "MissVickyBee " on YouTube.
She explains it so well and also shares samples from her own Faux Hobonichi Journal.
Vicky also has a blog at

So...Thats all for now
Come back again soon!
Hugs, Mary

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Hi again my sweet friends!
Hope you each are having a good week!
Can you believe its Wednesday already?

I want to introduce you to what I have been working on for
the past couple of months.  Its my Faux Hobonichi Journal.

I made this book myself from a composition notebook.

First let me tell you( incase you are not familiar with) what is a Hobonichi Journal is…

A Hobonichi Techo is a very popular Japanese planner or  journal

"Pages display the current moon phase, the day/week of the year, and short anecdotes, and are designed as graph paper to maximize customization."

I draw daily sketches in my own cartoon style.
Here are some for today

You can add the weather report or headline news or even horoscope!

The top picture is me driving in to work today and a car pulled out and almost ran right into me!
The other drawing is a camel as it is Hump Day!

I started my "visual " Faux Hobonichi Journal  
back in August when I went to the Cape on vacation

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sorry for the gap in time...

Hi my friends!!!
I am so sorry that time seems to be zipping by me between my posts!
The weather is so much cooler today that I'm thinking autumn is surely on its way!
So get those mums planted and the bushels of apples picked!
I love to decorate for fall don't you?

Place some pumpkins on a hay bale and tie some corn stalks to the
lamp post with a bright orange ribbon.

Here are some photos around my home.

Adding more mums and other touches of autumn as time goes on…
Back soon!