Thursday, March 28, 2013

""- Photo of the day

Almost forgot my photo for today...
The word is Help...

Maundy Thursday

Hello once again!
I am looking forward to singing in the church choir tonight!
Of course it wont be as lively as the hymns were on Palm Sunday.
But I love to sing none the less!

I have been puttering around with etching on copper. On thing I enjoy
 is doing "zentangles" on a piece of copper and then etching it in the acid.
This is not the best photo but you can get the idea!

The little scottie dog is a bit faint but I love him any ways!!

Hope to have a bit better luck on these. 
So... Hopefully I shall be back to share more!
All for now!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Photo challenge for today is LIGHT...
I loved how the sun poked through the snow clouds 
to shine on my plant.

Tuckered Out Tuesday

Hi there all!
Yes... I guess I am a little pooped out! 
But it is now wonder...To much partying and fun!!
I had such a blast last weekend with two of my little grandsons and then 
yesterday was a dear friends birthday.  So I have been on a roll!

Before I forget here is a photo I took of my friend and co worker Pat.
Her daughter is getting married next month. I made her  a set of wine glasses.
Mother of the Groom & Mother of the Bride
I enjoyed adding a touch of bling so each glass has a couple of rhinestones on them.

I am so behind in my March Birthday WISHES!!!
Happy Birthday to my "baby girl "Candybar!
also to... my two best friends in the world
Renee and Jaylee!
A Happy Birthday Wish from me to you each!!
Hugs, Mair

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blogging along

Hello my sweet friends!
It looks like I have been slacking off here in blog land. I must say that I haven't really
been slacking as much as thinking and re thinking blogging. Personally I enjoy it tremendously!!!
But several people whom I trust have at times mentioned to me -Is it a "Personal Blog" or is it a "Professional blog"? This simple question sadly stalled me out.... Gee, I am thinking
I love to talk about my work with my students here at the High School...But, I
also really love to share my latest art work with you (my readers) I also have a wild
and crazy personal life filled with hilarious things my darling grandson's do ....
So...That is what I have been stewing over for some time now :O( So sorry...

But I am back!! Yes I will continue to write as often as I have something to say!
If its about my work ok, if its about my latest art projects fine, and if its about my personal life great!
What ever its... Mary Estes Zywars' Limelightartworks BLOG!

So as you can see I was letting a great deal of time slip by during the Lenten Photo Challenge.
I am picking it back up and will have fun sharing my photos once again!